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Get On With It:MindSpeak

My first MindSpeak business club meeting at SilverBird Westgate is worth telling and sharing and I hope it will inspire you. Aly Khan Satchu hosted Mutoko, the queen of radio in a very well attended event where I got a chance to understand ‘Who is Caroline Mutoko?’ In my own words I would say she is a professional who hosts the Kiss fm Morning Breakfast show,someone who loves what she does, loves swimming, passed through Valley Road, from the tone of her voice you could comprehend that her life revolves around what she does like for example sitting down with a notebook and pen in the evening as she watches news to jot down any ideas that she might incorporate for her morning show or the many times she has had to work late into the night to finish on a project.
An interesting thing about Mutoko is the relationship she seems to have with God and her mother, one could tell that she derives a lot of comfort, support and strength from her mother. She values the importance of having a good education and if she was to have her way she would have Kenyans going back to school. The next time you get a chance to meet in person you might just have to call her Dr Mutoko, the lady has got ambition of going back for her PhD.
For a lady that has made a great impact in journalism she had a few tips for the youth, to get on with whatever passions they had, to Just Do It in the words of Aly Khan borrowing from Nike and to have the patience required in every career(Doing the time).Its been 9 years of experience in the radio industry for Mutoko and she is looking forward to that day when she could be managing director, at least she is equipped for the task having obtained an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Nairobi. She laid emphasis on the need to come up with strategic plans in business and life in general, something most Kenyans haven’t mastered and to never shortchange yourself in terms of what you are worth. She knows what she’s worth and she’s going for it. From her perspective the 20’s is a prime age for everyone and the youth should maximize on the energy by living it up in terms of their goals. All in all it was an interesting and interactive session and I would recommend that you attend the next session, details on the dates will be posted on the blog or you can check out Aly Khans website for the full details where you can also listen to a podast of the different sessions that Khan has hosted.


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