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Tribute to Maruge

Mzee Kimani Maruge,passed away this week after succumbing to colon cancer.The oldest pupil as recorded in the Guiness World Book of Records was an inspiration to many kenyans.Old as he was he had the determination that he would one day be able to read verses from his Bible and thus he went back to school disregarding the norms or expectations of a society that an old man is not fit to go back to class.I believe he is a Kenyan hero,am sure he encouraged many old men and women to go back and further their education and it is my sincere hope that you will remember his family in your prayers.


Get On With It:MindSpeak

My first MindSpeak business club meeting at SilverBird Westgate is worth telling and sharing and I hope it will inspire you. Aly Khan Satchu hosted Mutoko, the queen of radio in a very well attended event where I got a chance to understand ‘Who is Caroline Mutoko?’ In my own words I would say she is a professional who hosts the Kiss fm Morning Breakfast show,someone who loves what she does, loves swimming, passed through Valley Road, from the tone of her voice you could comprehend that her life revolves around what she does like for example sitting down with a notebook and pen in the evening as she watches news to jot down any ideas that she might incorporate for her morning show or the many times she has had to work late into the night to finish on a project.
An interesting thing about Mutoko is the relationship she seems to have with God and her mother, one could tell that she derives a lot of comfort, support and strength from her mother. She values the importance of having a good education and if she was to have her way she would have Kenyans going back to school. The next time you get a chance to meet in person you might just have to call her Dr Mutoko, the lady has got ambition of going back for her PhD.
For a lady that has made a great impact in journalism she had a few tips for the youth, to get on with whatever passions they had, to Just Do It in the words of Aly Khan borrowing from Nike and to have the patience required in every career(Doing the time).Its been 9 years of experience in the radio industry for Mutoko and she is looking forward to that day when she could be managing director, at least she is equipped for the task having obtained an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Nairobi. She laid emphasis on the need to come up with strategic plans in business and life in general, something most Kenyans haven’t mastered and to never shortchange yourself in terms of what you are worth. She knows what she’s worth and she’s going for it. From her perspective the 20’s is a prime age for everyone and the youth should maximize on the energy by living it up in terms of their goals. All in all it was an interesting and interactive session and I would recommend that you attend the next session, details on the dates will be posted on the blog or you can check out Aly Khans website for the full details where you can also listen to a podast of the different sessions that Khan has hosted.

Simu ya Solar


It’s a Friday,furahi day to be precise and after a busy week you cant wait to end the day and meet with your pals at over a drink, as usual you are dressed to kill, and using the latest and only means of communication nowadays that is facebook you have agreed to meet over at Java-Koinange so as to come up with a consensus as to where the party will be at. Just as you are about to log out for the day, the unexpected happens, a beep tone from your sleek iphone 3GS informs you that your battery power is low. Before you put on the gloomy face that warns your phone ‘you better not pull this stunt on me’ , your phone goes dead. Never being the one to cram your friend’s phone numbers you are left hopelessly thinking of what to do next, it seems your pals will have to spend another merry making night without you, only because you forgot to charge your phone. What to? If this has ever happened to you, am sure you understand the importance of the latest gadget in the mobile market, Simu ya Solar (Solar-Powered phone) launched on Wednesday 12th August by Safaricom in partnership with China’s ZTE Corporation. The first solar powered phone in the region will retail at a price of KES 2999 (39 US Dollars using 1 KES=78 US Dollars) .The product is in response to the current power rationing situation in the country due to falling power generation. The solar powered phone is manufactured from recycled materials and a built in solar panel that charges a phone using the sun’s rays.

Simu ya Solar will prove to be a great resource to the folks in the rural areas who have no access to electricity and have had to walk long distances to nearby shopping centers to have their phones charged at a fee. We are living at a time when there is great need to look at renewable sources of sources of energy and various products in the market are trying to satisfy this need. Suntrica, a Finnish company has developed solar-powered charges that can be used with mobile phones, digital cameras and mp3 players.
Have you ever considered the option of solar power or solar energy as an alternative source of energy for your home? Maybe it’s high time you got to know more about solar power, it just might save you a dime!

ICT and Innovations

Strathmore University will host the 10th annual ICT conference on the opportunities and challenges towards an entrepreneurial economy on the 4th and 5th of September 2009 at the university auditorium. This is one event that anyone with a passion for technology should not miss since the event will cover hot topics that include ICT trends towards the vision 2030, future of free and open source software, ICT innovations and business incubation among many other topics. The charges are 200 KES for students and 2000 KES for non- students.


On Saturday 15th August Aly Khan author of Anyone Can be Rich and N.S.E data vendor will host the Queen of  Radio Caroline Mutoko of Kiss fm at Silvebird Westgate 9.30AM to 12.30 PM.

As described on Aly Khan is an active   investor at the Nairobi Stock Exchange and has an impressive wealth of experience in Stocks management. He has been involved with various events which include TEDx Nairobi, the recently concluded Hay Festival and has hosted a number of individuals who are authorities in their relevant fields one of them being Harvard’s Prof Calestous Juma.

BC Leadership Forum defines public relations as shaping and maintaining the image of a company, organization or individual in the eyes of the client’s various publics.One company that has been at the forefront in championing the importance and effectiveness of public relations is Gina Din Corporations.

Mrs Gina Din will on wednesday 19th August give a presentation on the Place of Public Relations at the New stanley Hotel-Ball Room at 6PM courtesy of the British Council Leadership Forum.Charges are 1000 KES for non-members.To become a member one has to pay an annual fee of 5,000 KES.

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