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Simu ya Solar


It’s a Friday,furahi day to be precise and after a busy week you cant wait to end the day and meet with your pals at over a drink, as usual you are dressed to kill, and using the latest and only means of communication nowadays that is facebook you have agreed to meet over at Java-Koinange so as to come up with a consensus as to where the party will be at. Just as you are about to log out for the day, the unexpected happens, a beep tone from your sleek iphone 3GS informs you that your battery power is low. Before you put on the gloomy face that warns your phone ‘you better not pull this stunt on me’ , your phone goes dead. Never being the one to cram your friend’s phone numbers you are left hopelessly thinking of what to do next, it seems your pals will have to spend another merry making night without you, only because you forgot to charge your phone. What to? If this has ever happened to you, am sure you understand the importance of the latest gadget in the mobile market, Simu ya Solar (Solar-Powered phone) launched on Wednesday 12th August by Safaricom in partnership with China’s ZTE Corporation. The first solar powered phone in the region will retail at a price of KES 2999 (39 US Dollars using 1 KES=78 US Dollars) .The product is in response to the current power rationing situation in the country due to falling power generation. The solar powered phone is manufactured from recycled materials and a built in solar panel that charges a phone using the sun’s rays.

Simu ya Solar will prove to be a great resource to the folks in the rural areas who have no access to electricity and have had to walk long distances to nearby shopping centers to have their phones charged at a fee. We are living at a time when there is great need to look at renewable sources of sources of energy and various products in the market are trying to satisfy this need. Suntrica, a Finnish company has developed solar-powered charges that can be used with mobile phones, digital cameras and mp3 players.
Have you ever considered the option of solar power or solar energy as an alternative source of energy for your home? Maybe it’s high time you got to know more about solar power, it just might save you a dime!


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