Passion =Interpreneurship =Success

I came across an interesting article on the Sunday Standard which is one good example of how passion,hobbies and interests if pursued with the intent of offering value can develop into successful businesses that help one to put food on the table.The story by Gertrude Mungai,eve weekly ‘Between the Sheets’ columnist of how she started giving talks to married  women on romance,love and sex  illustrates the essence of finding something you love doing,something that one enjoys doing even for free ,creating value and monetizing it.To Gertrude whatever she had learnt from her Taita culture,translated into a fully fledged business in which she gets to make money doing what she loves,at a minimal cost and from the article one can tell that she is making some good cash from her Taita culture.

An article on likechapaa titled ‘Do you have to work Hard?’ had this to say about Passion:

‘Passion kind of ties everything up together and makes you focus. If you aren’t passionate about what you do, you will not be very successful at it. When times get really tough, passion is what makes you able to persevere.’

My call to you is that you indulge in the quest for determining what you love doing most,if it means trying a few interests or hobbies,so be it.Try and see if you can offer value to other people around you through doing what you love most.


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